Dear Steve,

Thank you for the wonderful job you did of our new home. 

 Thank you for your patience and most of all your expertise.

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 New homes, townhouses and apartments

The benefit of working with Steve for the construction of a new home lies in his experience in dealing with clients that have varied in their starting point.  If you are in the beginning stages and have ideas but are unclear on how to proceed, have concept sketches and need assistance with design or have full working drawings, Steve can work with you to make sure you are planning a home that will suit your lifestyle. 

Familiar with working in and around the Bendigo area, Steve realises that the style and type of home people want depends on a variety of factors; the size and location of your land, estate covenants, any restrictions such as dense trees or the fall of a block.  It is essential that the clients realise that these issues can be addressed to ensure that your home, whatever the size and style may be, will be custom built.


Renovations and extensions

With a preferance to building new homes, the company is still able to provide the same quality service if an extension or renovation is required.